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Black Sheep

SEASONAL (Aug-Dec, maybe longer)
Soft-matured ashed sheep cheese

Created only from the milk of our Moyarra ewes.
Vegetarian rennet

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Red Hill Cheese, Victoria, Australia - Baa! Black
Rich Farmhouse Sheep Cheese
Dusted with vine charcoal

Black Sheep is another unique farmhouse-style cheese rarely seen in Australia.

Each mini round is made from 1 litre of ewe milk.
A melt-in-the-mouth, dense, creamy cheese with an attractive, mottled and wrinkled, silvery-white rind that develops, after about 3 weeks' maturation, as the distinctive flora grows through the layer of vine charcoal.

May be enjoyed from a few days old (mild with yoghurt-like, fresh flavour), but those who know will keep it for several weeks until it's soft throughout - a sweet, oozing cheese. Keep it in a cool, moist place to avoid drying, and allow it to warm well at room temperature before serving.

Match with full-bodied red wine and fresh (or preserved) fruits.

Red Hill Cheese, Victoria, Australia - Baa! Black Mini (fresh) - Size: 6.5cm diameter - Weight: approx. 180g

Wine suggestions with this cheese Langmeil Barossa Fifth Wave Grenache. TOP

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